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River Mist Collection

River Mist Pet-Nat (Natural Sparkling Wine)

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250ml | Can | 11.5% alc./vol. 

Petillant Natural - Natural Saprkling wine.  Unfiltered and on its lees.

Naturally sparkling, refreshing, dry and fruity

Inspired by the fast flowing, misty rapids of the great water stream, whose volume even helps regulate our vineyard temperatures, these wines are produced at the historic Lailey Winery from estate-grown grapes, blending the best of both edgy and all-time classic vines.

Vibrant and ready to drink, our modern package is chosen for ease of service and consumption in various and casual settings.

Store and serve cold (6-8 degrees C). 

Available in 4-pack or in 24-can case.

For free shipping, order 2 cases or more.