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Lailey Winery

2019 Stonebridge Chardonnay Collection

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Our Stonebridge vineyard specializes in two varietals, one of them is Chardonnay.

This allows us to feature several different chardonnay from the same vintage. For the 2019 Vintage, we took our Chardonnay obsession to the next level when we divided our reserve barrels to include only the grapes from the 'East' (block 14) or 'West' (block 11) sections of the vineyard.  

With different soils beneath and (slightly) different temperatures, the distinctions between these unique wines are subtle, yet unmistakable. In both cases, only a few barrels were selected to carry the name 'reserve'.

Also included in the trio is also the 2019 Estate Chardonnay from Stonebridge which includes all four Chardonnay clones (95, 96, 548 & 76) planted on the property. The number one seller from Stonebridge!

All three of the 2019 Stonebridge Chardonnay underwent 'wild' fermentation, taking two months to complete, and then spent an additional 22 months in French Oak barrel (33% new) before bottling.